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Release date: Jan 2013

1. Do I need a Reason *
2. Climbing up the Mountain
3. Made in America
4. Don't want to have to explain
5. Perfect Storm
6. Trapped (Princess Ball)
7. Can’t help but Wonder
8. Fire Storm **
9. Fortune Teller
10. Silently I Scream *

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This product DOES NOT use
shrinkwrap -- a biohazard
Rather, it ships with a biodegradable
re-sealable plastic bag
to protect its contents

All songs written by Lance Glass ©2013 LanceGlass Music (BMI)
"Don't want to have to explain" ( for the children of Sandy Hook)

Recorded / Mixed by Lance Glass @ Wild Spirit Studios, Chatsworth CA
* Recorded / Mixed by Charles J. Mellone Jr. @ RockHaus Studio, Malibu CA
** Recorded / Mixed by Dave Apelt and Lance Glass @ Wild Spirit Studios
Mastered by Dave Apelt --- Artwork by RJ Polito
Lead Guitar: Joe DeBlosie ("Do I need a reason" & "Silently I scream")
Rhythm guitars: John Adel ("Do I need a reason" & "Silently I scream")
Drums: Sergio Gonsalas, Tom Walsh ("Can't help but wonder" & "Fire Storm"), Lance Glass ("Made in America"& "Don't want to have to explain")
Hammond B3: Charles J. Mellone Jr. ("Do I need a reason")
All other elements by Lance Glass

Special Thanks to All American Audio Video , Chatsworth CA
Dave Apelt and RJ Polito

Dedicated in loving memory to Charles J. Mellone Jr
Producer / Engineer / Writer / Performer
one of a kind
may he rest
in peace


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